Your time is now. We believe that humans hold the greatest opportunity to change. Today. No reason to wait. The past does not exist and the future is distant. What we do know is that we’re here and it’s now. We don’t have time to wait for the world to change.

Perfect is the enemy of done

But first, let’s get one thing straight: All of us fail. Again and again. Miserably. None of us are complete, perfect beings. We are an incomplete bunch, but the difference between us and the rest is that we already know it. For years, we thought we had missed class the day they taught us to be fully satisfied at work. Turned out, everyone around us also skipped that class. In other words, we had to work it out ourselves. Find out that there was room for improvement. So we did.

Our proven method has been developed and improved by our co-founder Erik Algreen-Petersen over the past 15 years. Erik has worked with business leaders and creatives, and has gained unique insights into the work lives of some of the most innovative minds on this planet. Read an interview with him here.

true when
you don’t

We want to see people prosper and commit themselves to their professional development. We are not forcing you to jump off a cliff, but we are standing right behind you to make sure you don’t go backwards. To us, life is about learning and developing as individuals. And we believe courage and creativity nurtures innovation and change, whereas fear equals standstill.

That’s why we are on a mission to create a world where people choose the courage to succeed instead of the fear of failing. It’s a tough and bumpy ride to choose our path, and definitely not the easiest you can follow. But trust us, it’s the most rewarding.

Based in Copenhagen.
Operating globally.

We are a Copenhagen-based company preparing to change work all over the world. We currently run Studio Days in Berlin, Los Angeles and of course Copenhagen. We were founded by Oliver Bernhard, Erik Algreen-Petersen and Simon Sylvest, and are backed by Founders, a brilliant incubator funding products and companies that improve how we work – that’s exactly us.

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