Client stories

Founder & Interior Designer
Spatial Code
“Headlight has given me an in-depth understanding of my strengths and their flip side. They have provided gentle support while I worked to eliminate the flip sides. I have started to take a lot more responsibility for myself and not just for my employees and customers. I really learned to use the oxygen mask on myself first, before helping others.”
“It’s about taking care of myself and asking others for the resources I need to be able to do my work in the best possible way.”
– Claus Meyer
We meet Claus Meyer in the garden of his private home for a talk about work, food, and how to get back on your feet. Read the inspiring interview on Headlight Journal.
“Startups can be difficult when there's no manager around to give feedback. Headlight has helped me get to the root-cause of a problem that has been holding me back for years.”
Christian Moe Halsted
”Being on Headlight as a group has helped us create a shared vocabulary and better understanding of how we can actually become the leaders we want to be. We’re more aligned and seem to have realised that our renewed approach to work also has a major influence on our team. A great motivator to continue working on our individual visions, which only have become more reachable by doing Headlight together.”
Christoph Dargel
Platform Product Owner
“In some professional areas I felt certain friction. I wanted to better understand where that comes from and ultimately to make a conscious decision if I want to change and adapt. I now feel more confident that I use all resources at my disposal to challenge my approaches and ideas in order to direct my professional career in a way that is good for me as well as the company I work for.”
Medical Doctor
Bispebjerg Hospital
“Headlight surprised me. The tools are concrete and have already changed the way I approach my work. I see my work life in a new light and really feel more engaged.”
“Headlight provided a good framework to reflect over what is important to me and whether I am living my everyday life according to my full potential. Sounds basic, but somehow these exercises always gets pushed off the to do list by "more urgent" things.“
“I want my work to be ambitious enough to touch the entire world.”
– Christina Rosendahl
Christina knows what she wants. Read our interview on Headlight Journal and hear how she talks about integrity and wage negotiations, and the balancing act between fully committing yourself while constantly worrying about what comes next.
Hanna Donau
Chief consultant
Copenhagen Municipality
“Headlight allowed me to focus my attention on a blind spot where I had a huge potential for personal growth”
Ina Pfitzenmeier
Head of Brand Management
“When I first started with Headlight I found myself in a transition phase on a private and professional level. Today, I’m proud about how I reflect over what is important to me, how I get all things done and living my everyday life according to my full potential.”
Kristoffer Dahy Ernst
Partner & Communications Advisor
“By providing concrete tools and methods that I can utilize on my job. I’ve become aware of my personal strengths and shortcomings, and know exactly what to focus on to improve my worklife significantly.“
Sigurd Bæk Jensen
Drive Studios
“Headlight has been the perfect coaching to get people to discover what they are missing and what they want with their work lifes. When people realize what they want and get the tools and coaching to reach it, they become better at their job. And that is definitely something we as company felt the benefit from.”
”Experience accumulates over time. You only get better by working. We grow when we do something we love.”
– Claes Bang
Read our article with Claes Bang, and hear how he is finally in charge of his career.
Charter Five
“I wanted to get a deeper understanding of myself and my behavior in various work-related situations. Headlight has given me a better and more nuanced insight into myself, and thereby also a clearer picture of how I can collaborate with others in the best possible way. The tools have provided me with tremendous insights and visibility.”
Daniel Mierz
“When I started at Headlight, I had just changed my career path to pursue my dream, and I didn’t have someone who could challenge me to tackle things differently. Headlight helped me stay focused on achieving my dream. Having a personal coach is motivating and helps you keep your sights on your goals, while opening yourself up to new strategies.”
Executive counseling
“I was at a whole new beginning and needed to make the right decisions about my future. Because of the many opportunities I had, it was crucial for me to be clear about what was most valuable to me in my work. Headlight helped me by providing me with a structure and by restoring my perspective of what really drives me. I was given a framework that defined the next phase of my work. I was able to summarize everything that is important to me, which makes it easy to revisit my aspirations every time I have doubts about whether to say yes or no to a new project.”
Theis Malmborg
Co-Founder & Partner
NOON Ventures
“When I started at Headlight, I was missing energy, clarity, and inspiration in my work. Headlight gave me an awareness of which values I have to uphold in my work in order to deliver the best results. I now know what I need to work on.”
Jan Bjørn
Data- and Business Process Manager
“My work was not that fulfilling, and I felt I had much more to give. I needed to find a new way of doing things and to do more of what I enjoyed doing. Headlight gave me a clear picture of what I like about my work. The tools and support taught me how to do more of these things. Headlight's structure and simplicity have been instrumental in keeping my development on track.”