It is rarely your skills that prevent you from reaching your professional goals. It is commonly your approach to the world around you. By learning to recognize your strengths and weaknesses, and implementing small changes in your behavior, you will achieve greater success. Not only at work, but also in your personal life, making you a happier and more complete human being.
Hear the co-founder of Headlight,
Erik Algreen's inspiring story.

Hør Erik
af Headlight, inspirerende historie.


All Headlight Coaches have long-standing and successful experience in coaching ambitious professionals to become better and happier individuals.
They are fully trained in the Headlight Method and driven by a desire to develop the potential of others. From the very first day, they will motivate you to step into new territory.
They have your back and work to ensure that you never go back to your old habits.
Patrick Tang
Patrick has 20 years of experience as business psychologist helping people develop. Patrick has been in charge of the international talent and leadership development program at B&O and has also worked as HR manager at Deloitte, Vestas and SHL Group.
Shelly Millsap
Shelly is an experienced executive coach with expertise within leadership development and cultural change. Shelly has a Masters of Arts degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia and is a professor at Vanguard University where she today teaches business ethics.
Anita Ehrhardt
Anita is a certified Career Coach with over 20 years of experience. For the last 10 years, her professional focus has been within the areas of Career Development and Performance Management. Anita's passion is to maximize employee potential and she has  2000+ coaching sessions under her belt.
Adrienne Kenton
Adrienne  has 20 years of experience empowering individuals and organizations in executing their vision. Adrianne is an intuitive, energetic, optimistic leader and has worked a lot with creatives especially in the film industry.
Rikke Berg
Rikke has 20 years of experience with executive coaching and leadership development. She has degrees in psychology, psychotherapy, coaching and mindfulness, but it´s through the practical work with brave leaders and employees that Rikke has created a clear picture of how to achieve success.
Marie-Louise Schmidt
Marie-Louise has more than 10 years of coaching and performance management experience. She is a certified Life and Leadership Coach and through years of practical work as an independent coach it is her passion to help others succeed and realizing their aspirations.
Jette Bak
Jette has 18 years of experience in HR working with talent- and team development, coaching, and leadership sparring, and has a master’s degree in communication and psychology. Jette has a big passion for developing people to connect to their core values and fulfill their potential.
Christina Lund-Jacobsen
Christina has more than 20 years of experience within coaching and personal development. As Nordic Head of Learning and external consultant she has coached and supported behavioral change of employees and leaders at all levels. It is her passion to help others get a meaningful work life and utilize their full potential.
Headlight Coach
Anita Ehrhardt