Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find our Frequently Asked Questions. You’ll find questions and answers about Headlight in general, about our coaching and the more practical things for participation and payment. If you do not find the answer to your question here, you are welcome to write to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


What is Headlight?

Headlight Coaching is simple and effective online coaching – by subscription with unlimited sessions. We offer personal coaching for those who seek increased drive and efficiency in their work. We focus on your personal strengths and weaknesses to allow you to use them actively.

Why do I need a coach?

A personal coach helps you reach your goals. A coach can help you find direction in your working life: Where are your results lacking, and what do you want more or less of? We highlight your strengths and weaknesses and provide actionable advice and tools to work with. Above all, you will find the courage and motivation to do things differently and achieve fresh results.

What do I get out of Headlight Coaching?

Your personal coach takes you out of your comfort zone to help you reach your goals. We will not push you over the edge; we stand right behind you to ensure that you achieve your desired goals.

Who has used Headlight coaching?

Coaching is for those who are stuck at work, who want to accomplish new goals, need help to do things smarter, or are in doubt about which direction to take. Our Headlighters are made up of people of many different professions – from creatives like actors, designers, film directors, and TV producers – to administrators, managers, and doctors.

What do your participants typically use Headlight for?

Some come to us because they are stuck where they are. Others because they have been promoted to a position that requires a different approach to their job. Perhaps they have set goals that they can't follow through; they want to move on and become better, more efficient and happier at work.

Where can I learn more about Headlight?

You can follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Our digital and print magazine, Headlight Journal, focuses on the theme "How's Work?" through articles and portraits.

How do I access Headlight Coaching?

Headlight Coaching is online. We offer coaching in Danish and English, and you can get coaching all over the world. We have coaches in Europe and the USA, and of course you are always welcome to write us to learn how we may assist you.

About Headlight Coaching

Why is it online?

Video sessions are easy to fit into your workday, no matter where you are – and you'll save money and precious time on transportation.

Is half an hour of coaching really enough?

Yes it is. The Headlight Method is effective and non-therapeutic; we aim for change through action. The sessions are tailored for you to get in-depth with the most important things, and each session brings you one step closer to your goal. Half an hour is easy to fit into your calendar and workday.

How do I book?

As soon as you sign up for Headlight Coaching, you can access our app. Here you can easily book sessions with direct access to your coach's calendar.

How many sessions can I get per month?

Headlight Coaching offers an unlimited number of sessions each month.

How is a session conducted?

After booking a session in the app, you will automatically receive a meeting request in your calendar. The day before and two hours before your session begins, you will also receive a notification from the app. In the app, press "Start Session", and your conversation takes place via Facetime. Your coach qualifies your decisions and helps you understand why you act the way you do – and how it relates to your results. Together you set goals for the decisions, so you can evaluate the outcome next time and find out what should be done differently.

How should I prepare for a session?

It's a good idea to open the app and read through the notes from the last session and recall an experience that you want to share with your coach.

Who are your coaches?

All of our coaches are trained in our method and have many years of experience in guiding professionals. They have the greatest interest in your success and love the magic that emerges as you step out of your comfort zone.

We only recruit the best coaches with a minimum of five years and 3,000 hours of experience, and we certify them using the Headlight Method. The certification lasts four weeks, after which they have to put in a lot of flying hours. This ensures that each coach lives up to our strict quality standards. We continuously ensure the quality of their work and constant knowledge sharing between our coaches, so they always develop.

Can I change my coach?

Yes, all you have to do is write

In what languages ​​can I get coaching?

We offer coaching in Danish and English.

Which method do you use?

Our proven method is developed and systemized by Headlight's co-founder, Erik Algreen, over the last 15 years. Erik has worked with business leaders and creatives and gained deep insight into some of the world's most inventive minds.

Do I have to use your app?

Yes, the app contains our entire digital universe. This is where you book and conduct sessions with your coach, access notes and tools. It is available for Android and iPhone.

Can I count on your confidentiality?

Yes. We take care of your digital information, and all Headlight coaches are dedicated to confidentiality. Read our privacy policy here.

Participation and payment

How do I sign up for Headlight Coaching?

Becoming a part of Headlight is easy and simple. You can sign up here. Shortly afterwards, your personal coach will send a confirmation by e-mail that your registration has been registered. Here you will also find your password for the app.

How do I get started?

Once you have downloaded our app in the App Store or Google Play and activated it with your personal password, you can start booking sessions in the app.

What does Headlight Coaching cost?

Headlight Coaching costs 2,500 DKK. Excluding VAT per month with one month's notice. You also have the option of paying for half a year and getting a month for free – or a whole year and getting three months of free coaching.

How do I pay?

When you sign up for Headlight, you can attach a credit card to your subscription.

Can I get my employer to pay?

Yes, you can easily have your workplace pay. You can pay with the company's credit card or have an invoice sent to your employer.

What are your terms of business?

The conditions for Headlight are as easy and straightforward as our coaching. If you pay per month, you have the option to cancel your subscription with one month's notice at the end of a month. If you prepaid for a year or six months, you are bound by this period. If you unexpectedly have to stop or pause your sessions, please contact, so we can find the best solution.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can terminate or pause your subscription with a one-month notice at the end of a month. Contact

How do I present Headlight Coaching to my boss?

It's a good idea to introduce your manager to Headlight Coaching. The goals you set will benefit your boss, your team and your business. Hence, many participants have their Headlight subscription paid for by their employer. This leaflet with more information about Headlight can be forwarded to your boss, in Danish or English.