Develop engaged employees with online coaching 

Headlight is online coaching for your employees and teams. We provide tangible results by increasing the engagement of your employees. Our coaches identify the potential in each individual to spark courage and independence in them. Headlight coaching is online on subscription making it easy and flexible for your employees to develop further.

With Headlight you get

  • A personal coach for you employees
  • 30 min. video sessions – easy to fit into the calendar and workday 
  • Unlimited individual sessions every month
  • Team sessions every second month
  • Headlight app with tools and exercises
  • A flexible subscription from 2.500 DKK/month
”Being on Headlight as a group has helped us create a shared vocabulary and better understanding of how we can actually become the leaders we want to be".
– Christian Moe Halsted, Partner Everland

that creates engagement 

Headlight harnesses the full strength of your employees. Coaching a single executive can improve the motivation and cooperation of the entire team. Headlight Coaching is transparent and easy to understand. The outcome is an enthusiastic workforce who know how to achieve goals to the fullest and enhance every aspect of your business. We add a performance boost to your employees; when people thrive at their jobs, they perform with joy and excellence. This in turn creates a trickle-down effect of daily motivation and overall engagement with your business. Headlight Coaching is both coaching for the individual employee and team coaching.


We work closely with you to find room for improvement in your workforce. We do not dwell on the past with analysis; instead we take aim at the future of each individual. We develop self-confident employees who take on challenges instead of crossing their arms and waiting for others to fix a problem. This ensures the competitiveness and longevity of your business.

Headlight Coaching is all online, making it efficient and easy to attend coaching sessions. The sessions are 30 minute video calls made through our app. In the Headlight app your employees have access to their personal coach’s calendar, where they can book and reschedule, view notes from previous sessions, and explore tools that are easy to implement in their everyday work lives.


We coach individuals as well as teams. Individual coaching sessions are aimed at developing each person; team sessions unite the group. In two-hour team sessions every second month the team is coached using the method they know from their individual sessions. They set goals as a team and identify where results are missing. The team decides on the most important issues to solve and who’s in charge of making the change happen. During subsequent individual coaching sessions each employee works to make good on their commitment to the team. After two months, we review the progress and look at the achievements – and set new goals for the team.

Team sessions are online through Teams and facilitated by your coach.

Headlight coaches

All Headlight Coaches have long-standing and successful experience in coaching ambitious professionals to become better and happier individuals. They are fully trained in the Headlight Method and driven by a desire to develop the potential of others. From the very first day, they will motivate you to step into new territory. They have your back and work to ensure that you never go back to your old habits.

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Headlight offers

  • Your personal coach
  • Video sessions – when and where you need them
  • Unlimited individual sessions every month
  • Team sessions every 2nd month
  • Headlight app with tools and exercises
  • Flexible subscription from 2.500 DKK/month

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